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My Store: Hickey's TIMBER MART (Conception Bay South)

When you’re dipping your toe into the DIY world, it can seem overwhelming when you wander down aisle after aisle of power tools.

Sure, it would be great to own ’em all, but what do you really need — and what’s just an “extra” that you can do without?

We worked with our friends at Makita to determine the must-have power tools for any DIYer, and here’s what we came up with …

1.A mitre saw.
Mitre saws let you make fast straight cuts as well as the angled cuts needed for building picture frames, doorways and crown moulding. Makita’s 12” cordless sliding compound mitre saw is perfect for making crisp, exact cuts. Best of all, it’s cordless so you can pick it up and carry it anywhere you’ll be working.

2.A cordless drill/driver.
Drill/drivers pack a powerful punch because they essentially replace manual screwdrivers as well as drills, so you can drill a hole and install a screw — all with a single tool. Makita’s 1/2” cordless drill/driver has a high-powered brushless motor and it uses eXtreme Protection Technology (XPT) for optimal performance in extreme conditions.

3.A jigsaw.
Jigsaws are great for cutting through just about anything (wood, steel, drywall, fibreglass, tile, plexiglass, cement board) and different blades can be swapped out as needed. While a mitre saw will almost certainly be your most-used saw, it’s limited on the size of cuts it can make. Having a jigsaw means you have the freedom to make cuts as long as you need. It’s a lot of power to hold in your hands, so we like Makita’s cordless jigsaw because of its soft start feature.

4.A table saw.
While you can make long cuts with a jigsaw, it requires a bit of finesse to get a smooth cut. A table saw is going to be the easiest way to keep your cuts straight, so it’s a must-have for “ripping” boards (making long cuts). Makita’s 10” table saw has a large cutting capacity and can be purchased with a wheeled stand so it’s easy to move around.

5.A random orbital sander.
There are plenty of different sanders on the market, if this is the one to get if you’re choosing a single sander because it performs a random scratch pattern so it won’t form a pattern on the surface of the wood. Makita’s cordless 5” random orbital sander works on three speeds and has an ergonomic rubber grip to absorb vibration.

6.A finish nailer.
Finish nailers are ideal for installing moulding or building cabinets — anything that requires constant nailing. Makita’s 18-gauge cordless finish nailer has a slim contact tip for precise nailing and an LED light to illuminate your work area.


Here at TIMBER MART, there’s nothing we like better than chatting with our DIY friends about how to best outfit their workbenches with must-have tools. Drop by to see us anytime!