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Hardware for your outdoor space, whether it’s for gates, fences, or even an outdoor kitchen, they have different requirements than what you need indoors. But making sure your outdoor hardware can withstand moisture, weather, and wear and tear, doesn’t mean compromising on design. If you’re in the market for hardware to match the look of your outdoor space, or just need a few upgrades, read on for product ideas and installation tips. 

Upgrade Your Doors and Gates 

Door and gate latches get a lot of use, and tend to be the most prone to rusting and general wear. But invest in stainless steel hardware in a finish that suits your space, and these pieces will last a lot longer. Depending on how often you use your gates and doors, and how secure you need them to be, there are different styles of weatherproof hardware available, including latches, pulls and cane bolts.  

For a simple latch option, Richelieu’s Gate Latch, that comes in a universal design available in eight finishes, including rust-resistant dark green, zinc, a black finish, a white finish, and unfinished stainless steel. For a more secure option, the Heavy-Duty Gate Latch has a pull mechanism in addition to a latch, coming in a plain galvanized steel or black finish option. A simpler and more design-forward option is a thumb latch like the Decorative Thumb Latch.  

For more design options, including decorative pulls and latch rings, see Richelieu’s full catalogue of gate hardware. Richelieu also offers all the stainless steel wood screws you need to get your outdoor job done, whether you’re working with a hardwood, softwood or manufactured wood gate. 

To invest in hinges to match your latches, explore Richelieu’s outdoor hinge options, including T-hinges and strap hinges, which can work with gates, as well as doors for spaces like sheds and barns. While you’re updating your hardware, investing in post shields is also a great way to protect your wooden fence from weather damage.  

Outdoor Kitchen Hardware That Holds Up  

If you’re building or renovating an outdoor kitchen space, 316 stainless steel hardware ensures your cabinets and drawers will withstand moisture and other weathering. Check out these easy-to-grasp, high corrosion-resistant knob, pull and edge pull options from Richelieu, available in an array of styles including polished and satin finishes. 

Outdoor-specific plastic hardware is another great option for outdoor cabinetry, as it also withstands damage from the elements. Plastic can also allow for more vibrant color options—and more finish options, including satin and chrome. Going with plastic doesn’t have to mean compromising on style.  

Hardware for Pool and Shower Areas 

Pool areas necessitate more secure latching options, including side-pull and even safety key mechanisms. Check out these options to set up your pool fence safely. For more pet- and child-safe options for gates of all types, see these latch options from D&D Technologies.  

If you’re in the need for space to hang towels and other pool or shower gear to match your outdoor shower space, explore these stainless steel options from Richelieu, specifically designed for outdoor use. And for kid-friendly spaces, Richelieu’s Contemporary Rubber Hooks come in five bright colors perfect for kids’ gear.