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My Store: Hickey's TIMBER MART (Conception Bay South)
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Imagine not worrying that a season’s worth year of heavy snow and ice has damaged the boards. How would it feel to know your deck was mold and mildew resistant, and no amount of rain would weaken it? What about the comfort of having a smooth, solid surface where little bare feet can run around happily without a chance of getting a splinter?

More homeowners are turning to composite decking because of its durability, longevity and good looks. After all, everyone’s had trouble with traditional wooden decks rotting, splitting, cracking and fading. Why nail down a bunch of 2x4s that will need to be replaced in a couple of years when you can install a low-maintenance deck that holds up beautifully for decades?

Composite decking gives you the classic look of wood — including a nice, deep grain – without the problems and maintenance that come with natural wood. You can order decking with coordinated railings and fencing as well as matching furniture, pergolas and outdoor storage solutions to keep your yard cohesive. Add some well-placed outdoor lighting and you’ve got the outdoor living space of your dreams.

With composite decking, you don’t need to worry about restaining a faded or chipped board – and let’s face it, the colour is never an exact match. Choose your dream decking shade, whether it’s a deep chestnut brown, a creamy tan or a tropical-inspired grey, and you’ve got decking that will look amazing for decades.

So whether you have an existing deck you want to resurface (yes, that’s possible!) or you’re starting from scratch and looking for an attractive, low-maintenance solution, talk to us today about composite decking. We’ll be happy to explain your next steps.