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A kitchen renovation is one of the most tempting; not only do we spend an average of 70% of our at-home time in the kitchen, but for many families and individuals, the kitchen is the heart of the home. However, kitchen renovations often come with a price tag just as significant – even if you’re only switching out your cabinetry. As an alternative to completely replacing your cabinets, consider breathing new life into them at a fraction of the cost with a stellar paint job using PPG BREAK-THROUGH!®. Here are four tips to get you started!

Use High-Quality Paint

To achieve a professional-level aesthetic in your kitchen, selecting high-quality paint is critical. It will allow you to use less paint, wear longer, and finish seamlessly. While latex paints tend to wear off quickly, PPG BREAK-THROUGH!® is an ultra-durable waterborne acrylic enamel with fantastic flow and levelling, incredible early block resistance, and a very fast dry time, making it ideal for surfaces like cabinets and trim.

Label Hardware & Doors

Removing all of your hardware and doors is integral to success when painting your kitchen cabinets – and this includes hinges and drawer pulls. Not only will this keep your hardware paint-free, but it will also result in even flow and coat over your doors. To spare yourself the headache of trying to re-jig the puzzle pieces of your cabinetry once you’re finished, label all of your hardware and number your door pieces as you remove them.

Prep, Fill, Prime, Sand

Prepping and priming your kitchen cabinets before painting is another necessary step to achieve your desired result. For example, if your cabinets were previously painted or stained, you’ll want to first use a wax remover, then de-gloss the surface, allowing your fresh paint to adhere appropriately. If your cabinets are made from wood with an open grain like oak, you’ll want to fill the grain so that it isn’t visible after painting, resulting in a silky smooth finish. Primer not only helps prepare the surface of your kitchen cabinets for the top coat of paint, but it reduces the number of coats of paint you’ll require. If you have lacquer coated cabinets, primer is a must! Typically, just a single coat of high-quality primer is necessary. Lastly, once every surface has been primed, it’s time to get that smooth finish by sanding everything down. Be sure to use a clean cloth to remove any dust once you’re finished.


PPG certainly makes high-quality paints for every room in your house – but that isn’t all they provide! Use their helpful tool to select a kitchen layout that looks vaguely like your own, then choose from a variety of PPG BREAK-THROUGH!® colours to suit your style, testing them to see how they look and feel when applied to your kitchen cabinets!

When it comes to painting kitchen cabinets, many people swear by PPG BREAK-THROUGH!® for its beauty, professional high-end finish, colour selection, versatility, and longevity. Whether your kitchen style is entertainer, cook, or both, follow these tips and you’ll be enjoying your new space in no time!