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How to Reattach Decorative Stone to Your Patio or Feature Wall

Reattaching decorative stone in your backyard or at the cottage can seem tedious without the right product. Many products are temperature-dependent and made for single materials, but with the right landscape block adhesive, the job doesn’t have to be a headache. Imagine your landscaping projects never being at the mercy of material type, surface irregularities, or the unpredictable Canadian climate – ever again.

LePage PL 600 Landscape Block Adhesive is an exterior, heavy-duty adhesive designed to meet any landscaping need. Delivering a quick and easy solution to installing the final course of cap for landscape blocks and cement paving stones, it’s a fantastic and effective product for landscaping projects that involve securing block walls and capstones, and for bonding materials like brick, stone, concrete, metal, wood, and timbers. Its all-weather performance makes it ideal for swiftly-changing Canadian weather, as the adhesive can be used in a variety of temperature and moisture conditions, from -17 degrees Celsius to +38 degrees Celsius, with dry, wet, or frozen framing. And because LePage PL 600 Landscape Block Adhesive provides ample flexibility to accommodate the varying expansion rates of the different materials you may be using, it’s perfect for bonding irregular surface types and bridging gaps between surfaces.

So, how to reattach that decorative stone to a patio or feature wall?

Materials required:

First: Prepare a clean and fresh canvas.

If any of the fallen decorative stone pieces have old landscape adhesive, glue, or residue stuck to the backs of them, soak the stones in a solution of cleaning vinegar as your first step. Using a plastic basin, a sink, or even a glass baking dish, pour the cleaning vinegar into the container and lay the stones in, adhesive-side down. You’ll only need to use enough cleaning vinegar to cover the backs of the stones. Let the stones soak for 30 minutes to an hour, to make sure the cleaning vinegar has enough time to penetrate the old glue or landscape adhesive.

Second: Brush, brush, brush.

After your stones have finished soaking in the cleaning vinegar, use a heavy-duty handheld scrub brush to slough off the remaining glue or landscape adhesive. With steady back-and-forth motion, brush the stones until their backs are mostly free from any of the old residue. Next, you’ll want to similarly scrub off any remaining glue or landscape adhesive from the surface you’ll be reattaching the stones to. You can prime the surface for scrubbing by first giving it a good spray with a professional-strength adhesive remover. Once the surface has been sprayed, grab your scrub brush and get your arm in gear to slough off the remaining residue. Optionally, you can use a simple pair of pliers to pull off any particularly stubborn pieces.

Third: Rinse.

Using your garden hose, rinse down the stones and the surface you’ll be reattaching them to. Let everything dry before returning for the grand finale (the easiest part – thanks, LePage!).

Fourth: Reattach your decorative stone.

When everything is nice and dry, let the fun begin. Load your LePage PL 600 Landscape Block Adhesive into its gun and lay it down while you place your stones (without adhesive) where you want them, to help ensure a perfect result the first time. Once your stones are placed, remove them one at a time, starting from the bottom, and apply a continuous bead of LePage PL 600 Landscape Block Adhesive in a zigzag pattern to the back of the stone. Firmly secure the stone to the surface and repeat this process with each stone all the way up the surface. Make a mistake? Don’t worry – you’ll have about 30 minutes of repositioning time. Once you’re happy with your project, let it cure over two to seven days, and voila!

In heat, cold, humidity, frost, and sun, LePage PL 600 Landscape Block Adhesive is an excellent product for an outdoor DIY job well done.