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Whether you’re using deck railings and deck lighting for safety, decoration, or both, there is a lot to consider as you decide what’s best for your space. Materials, style, placement and function may all factor into your decision. Deck railings can do much more than just ensure your deck or balcony is up to code; they can frame your view, house your lighting options, and accommodate other decorative features like flower boxes. For deck lighting, you can make your outdoor space—and even your entire exterior—shine with recessed deck options, post cap lights, pocket lights and more. Read on for some tip and product suggestions to get you started. 

Deck Railings That Make Sense In Your Space 

When it comes to choosing railings and any accompanying gates for your space, how it looks may be as important to you as how it’s made, and how long it will last. A railing that doesn’t complement your deck or home may stick out, or distract you from your surroundings. Trex makes the decision-making easier with its Decking and Railing Duos, which allows you to preselect a shade of deck and railing design that go seamlessly together. Once you’ve found your favorite option, you can design your deck in Trex’s Deck Designer tool. No matter your choice, Trex’s composite and aluminum railings are manufactured in the USA and made of at least 40% recycled material. 

Maximize Your Views 

One of the challenges with railings is how they can affect your view. Fortunately, there are style and material options designed specifically to complement your view, not detract from it. From glass, to curved railing options, to cross-hatched stainless steel mesh, Trex Signature is designed to elevate your space—and the scenery beyond. If you’re going for a more classic vertical baluster design, Trex Select comes in a variety of color combinations, such as composite white rails and posts with black aluminum balusters. For a more modern look, check out Trex Signature Rod Rail, with sleek, horizontal railing in three color combinations. And for the most ability to mix and match color options in vertical baluster designs, explore Trex Transcend, with several options in composite rail, and either composite or aluminum baluster.  

Light It Up With Deck Lights

Deck lighting can be minimalist or comprehensive as you need it to be—it all depends on your design, and how you’ll be using your deck space. Post cap lights serve a functional and decorative purpose, illuminating the perimeter of your outdoor space while also showing off your deck. Trex Flat Post Cap Lights are housed discreetly under your railing post caps, illuminating the deck below, and with six different color options, they can be customized to blend perfectly with whatever railing design you choose. Another post cap option is the Aluminum Post Cap Light, which integrates with Trex Signature 2.5-inch aluminum posts and runs the full perimeter of your post caps. 

When you’re bringing together your yard and deck space via steps or a full staircase, Trex Stair Riser Lights illuminate each step and can be used in combination with post cap lights on your stair railings. An equally subtle, yet effective option is to install recessed lighting at the edges of the deck itself, particularly in areas without railings or gates. Check out Trex’s Recessed Deck Light to learn more. And if you’re looking for a more understated approach to rail lighting, try the Wedge Deck Rail Light, which is a post lamp style that integrates with both Trex’s composite and 2.5-inch aluminum post designs. 

If you’re working with a ceilinged two-story deck, explore Trex RainEscape Soffit Lights, built to work alongside the Trex RainEscape under-deck drainage system. These lights fit into the finished ceiling of your lower deck, illuminating the space below. This option is perfect for dining and entertaining, and extending the feeling of home into your outdoor space. 

Bring It All Together 

Ready to bring your ideas to life? Check out the Ideas section to see real-life railing and lighting options in action. Then, experiment with Trex’s Deck Designer tool to plot out your deck, railing and other customizable options. 

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