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My Store: Hickey's TIMBER MART (Conception Bay South)
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With this rollercoaster of a housing market, finding a fixer-upper to renovate and make your own can be a spectacular way to capture a piece of the pie, elevate curb appeal, and finish to your personal taste – all while adding immediate value to your investment. Dressing up your front yard with flowers, shrubs, and other landscaping can certainly elevate the vibe of just about any house on the block, and decking packs an even bigger punch. But when the entire exterior of your new abode just isn’t doing it for you, consider saying hello to new siding.

James Hardie makes the world’s highest-performing fibre cement siding – including plank, vertical, artisan, and shingle – trim, backer board, and more. With superior durability, unbeatable strength, customizable design, colours that last, and character that always shines through, it’s no surprise that you want to build your future home with the best.

While selecting a new siding colour can be fun, it can also be intimidating. So, how should you choose your perfect siding colour?


Look for Clues

Assessing the architectural style of your home can often lead to colour scheme clues. For example, while Cape Cod-style homes often work well with cooler blue-grey shades, while craftsman homes are complimented well with warm tones like browns and reds. Determine your home’s architectural style and research some complementary colour schemes.

Take Environmental Cues

Depending on your own personality, standing out may be more important than fitting in, or vice versa. Check out your environment by taking a walk or drive through your neighbourhood to take stock of various styles and colour schemes throughout your community. Whether you want to be bold or fit the mould, having a good idea of what the homes around yours look like will help you decide on your direction.


Consider the Colour Wheel

Finding complementary colours isn’t as daunting as it may seem, as these colours are often just opposites on the colour wheel. They each make the other pop, adding an element of drama. When perusing colour theme options for siding and trim, be sure to consult the colour wheel.

Find Your Home’s Truest Colour

With James Hardie’s free, easy-to-use Home Colour Tool, you can find a colour that connects with you. Simply select the architectural style, type of siding, trim, and colour – and see it all virtually on a style of home that matches your own. This tool is invaluable to visualize not only how your colour scheme (or schemes) will look together, but how different types of siding will look on a house just like yours, and how colour may play off of the various types of siding and trim in different ways.

Sample and Test

Once you’ve selected a colour scheme (or several!) that you’re happy with, order or pick up samples. Computer screens can often distort colours, and reading the actual colour through a virtual screen is dependent on so many factors from the inner workings of your device. Ordering samples will allow you to see how each colour translates in real life, and how your potential siding and trim colours will work together in natural light.

Whether you’re re-siding an older home or building from the ground up, there’s a James Hardie siding for every home. Siding and trim immediately set the tone for your home’s personality, and with James Hardie siding, you’re in charge of whether it exudes charm and history, minimalism and modernity, or something in between.