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My Store: Hickey's TIMBER MART (Conception Bay South)
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My Store: Hickey's TIMBER MART (Conception Bay South)

TBM936 Inquiry

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936 Square Feet
2 Bedrooms

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Before Submitting Your Inquiry:

Plans cannot be ordered from the website. Call 1-800-563-1807 to order. Prices are in effect until December 31, 2022. Material quotes only available from a local participating TIMBER MART store that offers these services.

TIMBER MART plans are non-returnable, non-refundable. TIMBER MART plans are designed to Canada’s National Building Code. Local building code requirements are your builder’s responsibility.

Each TIMBER MART home/cottage plan standard design includes full unfinished basement and concrete foundation unless otherwise specified/requested. Modifications to any of our plans available upon pre-quoted/processed fee.

TIMBER MART plans do not include engineered roof trusses or slab pads. Any modification request must be put into writing and emailed to TIMBER MART is not responsible for incorrect, misleading or incomplete modification directions provided by customer and/or a representative of customer. Fees applicable to correct inaccuracies. Contact your local building permit office and review with your builder prior to ordering plans.

Please note that the purchase of a reproducible master (.sp file) is necessary before making any changes by your local designer. Call for a quote.

BCIN Certification/Schedule 1 required for all plans sold within Ontario:
Typical Garage – $150
Home/Cottage – $250
Multi-home – $500
Agriculture – $250

BCIN Certification is not required on Shed plans unless specified by the local municipality. For more information visit the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing’s web site.